Why Queenscorp Believes in Infill Development

Queenscorp has been one of the GTA’s leaders in infill development for over twenty years. It’s something we’re proud of, but the value of infill can be difficult to explain. Let us break it down for you.

What is infill?

Infill development, or “land recycling,” is a type of urban planning that focuses on reusing and repositioning obsolete or underutilized buildings and sites.  Infill development is essential to revitalizing neighbourhoods and knitting them back together to form new, more vibrant communities. The alternative, known as greenfield development, is exactly what it sounds like: building outside of existing urban communities, in the undisturbed rural areas outside of the larger urban centre.

What are the benefits of infill development?

Building within an existing community, as opposed to on the edges of the urban area, has numerous benefits:

•    Reduces urban sprawl
•    Preserves natural, green spaces outside the city
•    Makes use of existing roads and transit routes, reducing the need for further construction
•    Breathes new life into abandoned and underused buildings or sites
•    Provides new opportunities within the existing community

What are the challenges of infill development?

While the benefits for the surrounding community far outweigh the challenges, infill is a much more difficult approach to building. For one, the project must be completed within a tightly confined area, between existing buildings, and considerable efforts must be made to limit the impact of construction on neighbouring residents. 

In addition, infill development usually consists of medium to high density built forms – meaning that construction costs are often substantially higher than traditional low rise wood frame construction methods.

Finally, special attention must be paid to the architectural style of infill development. As the project will be integrated into the fabric of an existing community; consideration must be made to ensure that the architecture of the new project not only suits the area but enhances the community as a whole.

For these reasons, infill is generally more costly than greenfield development.

Why choose infill?

As noted previously, infill projects not only benefit the environment by preserving the natural beauty of green spaces outside of cities, but are hugely beneficial to the community. Instead of a crumbling, abandoned building, the neighbourhood will have a new community centre. Rather than an empty lot, the community will have a new low-rise condominium bringing residents to the area who can support local businesses, bring money to the community via new tax dollars, better utilize existing infrastructure such as transit, parklands, schools, community centres etc. and contribute positively to the overall community.

Protecting our environment and improving your communities are two of Queenscorp’s core values and, through infill development, we can fulfill our commitment to both.