How to make your new condo feel like home.

The wait is over, and you’re finally ready to move in to your new condo. But even though it may be your new home, it probably doesn’t quite feel like home yet, does it?

Here are a few quick tips to make this new space your own:

1.    Put things on the walls ASAP

Nothing makes a new condo seem stark and uninviting more than blank walls. As soon as you know where your furniture will be set up, start hanging your mirrors and artwork. Don’t want to put holes in the walls just yet? Tape up some interesting posters or art prints: no commitment, but lots of personality.

2.    Get green

There’s just something about having a few plants around that instantly brings a space to life. Tall potted trees make a statement, but this can be as simple as a row of small, low-maintenance cactuses.

3.    Remember it’s yours

Don’t get caught up with floor plan labels. Do you want to use the master bedroom as an office or studio and turn the living room into an open concept bedroom? No one is stopping you! Make the space serve your lifestyle.

4.    Unpack!

This may seem like an obvious one, but with busy schedules, sometimes a few boxes of non-essentials can sit around for months before being unpacked. Not only does this eat up floor or storage space, it’s a constant reminder that you just moved in and makes you feel like you’re still in transit. Even if things are just going into a spare closet, get them in there and clear out the boxes.

5.    And most importantly…

The easiest way to make a condo feel like home, and more importantly your home, is to work with a home builder. Once the walls are up, there’s really only so much you can do to personalize the space. The best approach is to customize the home you want, rather than trying to change an existing space.

When you work with Queenscorp, we help you choose the layouts, features, and finishes that will suite your lifestyle best.