It’s time to create your dream home.

Your home should reflect you: your needs, your preferences, and your aesthetic.

Unfortunately, buying a pre-existing condo means that personalizing your space will be a costly and time consuming job.

The solution? Choose a new Queenscorp suite, and design your perfect home.

Do you love to cook? Create a home-chef’s paradise!

Want a place to relax? Design a spa retreat bathroom!

Everything is up to you, from simple finishing touches like paint colours, to major design decisions like flooring and countertops.

New purchasers will get to experience the Queenscorp Design Studio, where they can browse our amazing array of interior finishes, and consult with an interior design professional to get expert advice on your choices every step of the way.

We’re proud to help our customers turn their dreams into reality and create a home truly tailored to their lifestyle.

Learn more about the Design Studio and explore our gorgeous image gallery today.