Benefits of Buying New.

Buying a new home can offer a greater choice of layout, features and finishes, and can provide considerable savings if purchased during the pre-construction or construction phases. Built with state of the art technology using low maintenance and durable building materials, new homes also offer long term cost savings as they require less maintenance and repair. In addition, every new home and condo in Ontario comes with an extended warranty program backed by the Tarion Warranty Corporation. See our section on Warranty Protection for further information regarding the Tarion Warranty Corporation.

Whether buying new or used your home should be an investment in both your family and your future. At Queenscorp we take great pride in building innovative projects to exceed buyers' expectations. We focus on building landmark communities with emphasis placed on building Green. By offering the latest in building design and by utilizing better building technologies, Queenscorp has built well planned vibrant communities that stand testimony to our drive for excellence.

What Are the Differences Between Purchasing a Condominium and a Single Family Home?

When you purchase a condominium, you're investing in a maintenance-free lifestyle. Condominium owners enjoy exclusive title to their property and own everything in their suite, while sharing ownership of all common areas with fellow condominium owners. Common areas include hallways, elevators, the lobby, garages and all recreational amenities. Each suite owner pays a monthly maintenance fee to ensure upkeep of the common areas, with responsibility for the upkeep managed by the condominium corporation. Unlike the owners of single-family homes, condominium owners do not need to invest time and expense in maintaining the common areas, which means no need to shovel the driveway, mow the lawn and more.

What Are Maintenance Fees and Who Decides How Much Is Paid?

A monthly maintenance fee is paid by all owners in your condominium to cover costs incurred in operating and maintaining the common areas and mechanical components of your building. Fees are established by estimating the operating costs of your building for the projected year which are then divided into 12 months.