Buying vs. Renting.

In today's economy, many people are choosing to buy a home rather than rent. In some cases, as little as 5% is required for a down payment, depending on the purchase price. After doing the calculations, it may be more affordable for you to to purchase a suite than to rent an apartment. When determining your ability to rent or buy, you will need to compare your monthly expenses in terms of rent vs. taxes and mortgage payments. You may be surprised to find that rental costs are equal to the monthly investment of home ownership.

Queenscorp develops and sells condominium communities directly to customers. In fact, the majority of condominiums sold through Queenscorp are either in the pre-construction or construction stage. However there is also the opportunity to move-in to a new condo after it is completed.

1. better choices

Ability to choose where in the building you would like to be located - based on availability.
Choice of layout and suite type.
Ability to personalize your space with the features and finishes that reflect your taste.

2. better home design

Built with state of the art technology using low maintenance and durable building materials.
Less maintenance, less repairs, and in the long run, less expense.
Energy-saving devices.
Latest styles & trends.

3. better value

The earlier you purchase in the construction process, the better the price - likely, your investment has already appreciated when you are ready to move in.

4. energy efficiency

Green buildings perform better. This can translate directly into cost savings, as the better equipment, lighting, windows and insulation reduce energy consumption.

5. freedom from rent increases

Over time, rent tends to rise. If you have a fixed-rate mortgage, your payments of principal and interest remain the same. Imagine how much your rent might be ten, fifteen, or even thirty years from now?

6. building equity for the future

Rental payments are gone once you have made them. But, with each mortgage payment you are buying something tangible, building up equity in your home. Typically, the longer you own the home the larger your equity.

7. stability

As long as you make your mortgage payments on time, you can live in your home for as long as you wish. Your landlord will not have control over the sale of your home.

8. security for retirement

Unlike rent which goes on forever, the mortgage on your home will be paid someday, providing you with rent-free living for your retirement.

9. leveraging

When you purchase your home you are leveraging your money. With as little as 5% down you can acquire 100% ownership, a great return on your investment!

10. trade-up value

Even if your first home isn't your dream home, you will be working your way up to it. With appreciation and the possibility of a return on improvements, it may provide you with enough equity to make a down payment on your dream home later.

11. pay back on improvements

A renter typically gets no financial benefit from any of the improvements they make on the property, either to the home or yard. But as a homeowner, you can realize some or even all of the costs (and maybe even a profit) from improvements when you sell your home.

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