Turn Your Small Space Into a Winter Wonderland

Some people are under the impression that just because they live in a bit of a smaller space, holiday decorations are out of the question. On the contrary, living in more of a tighter setting gives you the opportunity to make the most out of your beautiful home.

You know that small corner where you maybe tried to fill with a lamp or side table, but it just never fit right? Putting a small tree, tucked away beside your couch or television is the perfect gap filler. Even if Christmas isn’t your holiday of choice, a small tree is perfect for hanging festive lights and various other holiday ornaments.

This one doesn’t even take up any additional space. Swap the colour of your napkins, and invest in a set of holiday-style plates to add to your daily meals. This small change will make a big difference.

Colourful ribbons paired with silver-coated pinecones are a simple, do-it-yourself idea that can immediately change the mood in your kitchen area. Embrace any holiday with your choice of colour and table decoration.

Candles work year round. No matter the holiday, season, or event, having candles lit around the home is never a bad idea. The dim lighting and gentle mood candles provide will pair perfectly with any other holiday decorations you have around your home.

If you really want to save space inside, there is no reason not to make others believe you’re not in the holiday spirit. Simple and easy window decorations are a great way to stay festive and will still add a nice holiday touch to the interior.